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Versatile Sound Designer and Re-Recording mixer with a filmography of more than 40 films - iMDB profile

Current positions:


Associate Lecturer of Sound Design at the Film University in Bucharest, Romania

Re-Recording mixing for one of Romania's largest dubbing studios, Fast Production Film SRL.

Past experiences:

Video editing (documentaries, animation films, ads and trailers), Operating a boom;

Mixing sound on set (including complicated feature film shoots);

Building and calibrating 5.1 mix stages and recording booths;

Podcast editing,

Dialogue editing,

Voice casting;

Editing music;

Recording impulse responses, sound effects and ambiances;

Performing, recording and editing foley;

Re-recording mixes in surround (original versions and dubbing versions)

Download my CV here.

18209125_10209268164597041_7404974239648617468_o - Copy_edited.jpg


BA in Sound Design and Film Editing, UNATC, Bucharest, Romania

Wwise 101-certified


Advanced: ProTools, iZotope RX, a wide array of plugins inc. Waves, FabFilter, SoundToys. Melda, etc.
Proficient: Reaper, Wwise, SoundMiner, Sound Particles, Adobe suite (Premiere, Audition, After Effects)

Comfortable in Unreal Engine

Currently learning: Max/MSP, UE Blueprints, ReaScript 



Please email any work inquiries at

Secure communication available via PGP Fingerprint

D27B 9226 580E D3B9 4BF5 5533 8859 4885 5ABC 4CAA

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