I believe a trailer should tell a story. Draw the audience by showing them a world of possibilities.
A trailer should be emotional. And one of the best ways to transmit emotion is through sound.
The video above is a re-edit of Frontier Developments' Elite: Commander Chronicles Retaliation video with added video material of space photography from Star Trek: Picard TV series.
The raw sounds used for re-designing the mix from NASA, European Space Agency, Soundly Pro, my sound library and professional sound recordists, credited in the title at the end of the video.

It features a re-edited / re-purposed voice-over of Tamlyn Tomita's exceptional performance from Star Trek: Picard Episode 8, which was captured from the center channel of a 5.1 stream and edited in Izotope RX Advanced for click removal, deletion of other SFX embedded in the center channel, enhancing the high frequencies, fixing comb filtering issues, leveling to -16LUFS, and especially enhancing all sibilants to cut through the mix.

Because of the current COVID-19 lock-down, I did not have access to my studio and worked only on headphones (Beyerdynamic DT-880)
A breakdown video is currently in production covering all aspects of the video, from capture to video editing in Adobe Premiere, visual effects applied, to export from the NLE and import into the DAW (Protools HD), workflow in Protools HD, Izotope RX, Soundly and Sound Particles, and finally back into Adobe Premiere for export to Youtube. 

Below is the same video, with no music and no voice - only the Sound Effects Stem:



Though, at its core, Romanian is a phonetic, non-tonal Romance language,

the mix of Slavic and Turkish influences, as well as its historical isolation from the other Romance languages

lead to a situation where the language seems easy to speak but harder to understand. 

This particular phonology dictated the need for an extremely thorough approach to dialogue editing.

"Two Lottery Tickets" went on to be a box office hit back in 2016. Press reviews commented on the sound:

"I was surprised by the sound quality. I don't know what the problem was, but many of our Romanian movies had a pretty low-quality sound and you had to be very focused so you could understand something. It seems like this thing was solved and we could enjoy a captivating movie, easy to follow and with an epic finale." - > LINK

​"Determined to take the path of quality comedy, but also of quality sound and quality image, "Two Lottery Tickets" is, after "Garlic", the best Romanian comedy i have ever laid eyes upon." - > LINK


Since 2010, I've worked as a sound editor and dubbing mixer for cinema and television, having completed over 40 documentary and feature films, both short and long.  Above is a clip with me in my studio, talking about one of the projects I worked on.


I also edited and did the re-recording mix for 92 episodes of TV series ("Narcisa Salbatica" - aired in several countries), and international mix for 60 episodes (Fetele Marinarului). 


Currently using Reaper and Protools HD, with the C24 mixing board,

Waves Complete plugin suite, Izotope RX.


I also have experience with SourceConnect having completed a number of projects including ADR for "In Blue" feature film, and VO recording for commercials.

Please scroll down to see trailers to some of the the films I've worked on,

and check out my iMDB profile!



Recording sound on set for feature films, TV commercials, and documentaries.

Since 2015, I spent more than 300 days on various filming sets.

Before starting Film University, I used to be a video-assist technician, and I loved being on set. You have access in the most amazing places - from airport runways, to forbidden castles, the most beautiful places in nature, up in hot air balloons and in the cockpits of race cars, in steam train locomotives, in the Governor's office or in backstage of Metallica concerts, even in the Queen's bedroom - it's as if normal rules don't apply to people who work on film production sets. One of the finest feelings there is!

Check out my other profiles online:



The first time I ever heard the world through a professional microphone, it was a Schoeps.
That can be a life-changing experience!
I found a completely new world, which still fascinates me more some 15 years later. During the years I ammased a MASSIVE sound library recording both in incredible locations and in professional foley rooms. Here I am recording an electric bike -->



Skype: Cinesound.Europe

Will gladly communicate via PGP encrypted e-mail.

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