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Since graduating from the Film and TV University in Bucharest, Romania, with BA in Sound Design and Film Editing, I worked as a sound editor and dubbing mixer for cinema and television with a filmography that spans 40+ films (see my IMDb)

My current positions are Re-Recording Mixer for dubbing foreign versions of TV shows and films, as well as Associate Lecturer of Sound Design for first and third-year students, at the aforementioned university.

In the span of my career, so far I edited and did the re-recording mix for more than 400 hours of broadcasted linear media: podcasts, TV and cinema productions, and yet still feel like there's always more to learn and experiment. I take pride in having a growth mentality and always welcome a challenge!

Currently using Reaper for sound design and Protools Ultimate 

for linear mixing on a C24 mixing board iZotope RX Advanced,

SoundToys, FabFilter, Sound Particles, plus countless other plugins.

I implement into Unreal Engine natively, but am also Wwise 101-certified.

I have experience with SourceConnect, having completed a number of projects including

remote ADR and VO recording for clients in Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

As often as I can, I record sounds to grow my personal library, which currently has 144k sound files in it.. it'd be a huge hassle to find anything withoud SoundMiner!

In my spare time I love speed-reading (yes that's a thing), photography, hiking, mountain-biking, building furniture, (badly) playing various musical instruments, geeking out over home theatre builds, listening to all sorts of music (as a self-appointed audiophile) or maybe lurking in the most obscure sound-design or field-recording-related social media hubs.

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An alternate trailer, a re-edit of Frontier Developments' Elite: Commander Chronicles Retaliation video

with extra material from Star Trek: Picard TV series.

It features Tamlyn Tomita's exceptional performance from Star Trek: Picard, Season 1 Episode 8, captured from the center channel of a 5.1 stream and edited in iZotope RX Advanced for the removal of other SFX embedded in the center channel.

iZotope RX VO project file available here.

What I did: Video Edit, Sound Design, Dialogue Edit, Music Edit and Re-recording Mixing.



Marele Razboi / The Great Controversy is an animated series for which I did video editing, sound design and sound editing, and re-recording mixing in both Romanian and English. The series draws inspiration from the Blizzard motion story cinematics. 

For the yet-to-be-released English version, I also oversaw the casting and remote recording sessions, as well as directed some of the sessions.

You can watch the full series in Romanian on Youtube!

The Third Way To Reach Remote Tribes is a documentary series for which I supplied post-production services: video editing, sound editing and re-recording mixing.

The documentary, filmed in many remote regions by a skeleton crew with minimal equipment, is a great success on Yotube, with views counting in the millions.

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Yes. That too. Since 2015, I spent more than 300 days on film sets, and know my way around most of the equipment available on the market today, having done complicated shoots of 8+ wired actors and 3 booms.

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Over time I built up a MASSIVE library of sounds, some recorded in incredible places, some in professional studios. They are the backbone of all my sound design work!

Check out the videos below and the playlist they're in for more field recording adventures!



Ultima Zi - Feature Film - On set
Commercial1 - Airport - On Set
Hawaii - Feature Film - On set
Nature recording - Plitvice
Random Acts - Short Film - On Set
Ambiance recording - Venice
Ultima zi - Feature Film - On set
Ambiance recording - Venice
Nature recording - Plitvice


Will gladly communicate via PGP encrypted e-mail.

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Skype: Cinesound.Europe

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