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The Bible of Getting a Job in Game Audio, 2020 Edition

Welcome to The Bible of Getting a Job in Game Audio, 2020 Edition!

This is a huge compilation of articles written by dozens of industry professionals who regularly undergo hiring processes. Its purpose is to smooth out the steep learning curve of applying to audio jobs in the video game industry, specifically to AAA studios. It will help you avoid common mistakes that waste time for everyone - the recruiters, the hiring team, but most importantly, you, the applicant.

You can avoid paying the price of learning from needless mistakes, and get the job quicker.

If AAA is not your thing, no worries - it works for indie, mobile, and small studios too!

Who this document is for: college graduates, aspiring sound designers, indie game sound designers 

who want to get into AAA, and/or sound professionals from other backgrounds who want to switch to video games. 

If you’re not getting a response to your applications, it might not be about the quality of your work - keep reading!

Since this field is so small and specialized, the information presented here can help you more than a career coach with no insight into game audio ever could!

So, read this. It’s long. 60.000 words. Est. reading time: 300 minutes. Read it again. Do what it says. 

And right before applying, read it once more!

A great big thank you, to all contributors - kudos for putting all this information out*! They are, in no particular order:

Asbjoern Andersen, Alison Ho, Kristen Quinn, Andy Martin, Matthew Florianz, Richard Ludlow, Aaron Brown, Ariel Gross, Pete Reed, Pat Phelan,  Ed Walker,  Ryan Stunkel, Braden Parkes, Aaron Cendan, David Vitas, Juuso Tolonen, Shaun Farley, Akash Thakkar, Mark Kilborn, Rob Carr, Kevin Regamey, Ashton Mills, Megan Fraizer, Daniel Petras, Rev. Dr. Bradley D. Meyer, Nadia Wheaton, Ashton Morris, Mike Tebbutt, Paul Virostek, Dave Shumway, Alex Riviere, Brett Shipes, Ed Walker, Trevor Dikes, James Stant. Adam Croft, Bjørn Jacobsen, Douglas Watson, Clark Wen, D-Hydrate, Matt Kenyon, Jeff Hinton, Kenny Young, Kristen Quebe, Martin Kvale, Matthew Grimm, Matthew Marteinsson and Mike Niederquell, Jesse Harlin, Michael Kamper, Chase Bethea and the SoundArchitect, Seth Barton, Chris Wallace, Christian Albiar, Rob Burnley, Bala Subramaniam, Corey Bertelsen, Zac Retz, David_lieder (Reddit handle), missilecommandtsd (Reddit handle)

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! Editing this document was quite an endeavour. Please don’t be offended and let me know so I can add you straight away.

Since it will be constantly updated, and it's obviously much larger than a blog post supports, the actual compilation can be accessed as a Google Document by clicking the link below:

Good luck job hunting, and happy reading!

Florian Titus Ardelean, Sound Designer at Cinesound Europe

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