• Florian Titus Ardelean

Join the Water&Ice crowdsource sound recording project!

In this project, several sound designers / recordists submit a few sounds which are then all pooled together to create a sound library that's distributed to every participant.

Anyone is welcome to join as long as they're able to record sounds of a certain theme (in this case water and ice) using at least a dedicated handheld recorder, or to create such sounds from scratch using synths, maxMSP/Kyma/ PureData or the likes.

The submitted recordings must be original and participants must own all copyright to the sounds.

Once the library is distributed, all participants are allowed to use the sounds as they would with any commercially bought sound library.

How to participate:

1. Read the guidelines:

2. Record! The theme is water and Ice - sound made by, or which sound like water and/or ice (snow included). Designed sounds are acceptable too!

3. Edit, export the files and fill the metadata spreadsheet:

4. Submit your files by January 31st, 20201:

Here's more info on crowdsource sound library projects and how it all started:

To stay up to date on other crowdsource libraries, join the discussion in the Field Recording Slack by following this link:

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